We’ll miss you Croatia!

Kevin had a sizable list of work to accomplish in Dubrovnik, so we spent most of our time in Dubrovnik around our own neighborhood and in the Old Town. We had thought about a side-trip to Montenegro but weather, work, and not wanting to worry about a separate currency for such a short time convinced us we should head there for a month at a later point.

Despite getting to spend two months in Croatia, we will miss it.
I have several new favorite-ish foods: ajvar (think thick salsa minus most of the heat), peanut puffs, black risotto (made with cuttlefish ink; it was so yummy I didn’t even get a photo before it was gone), and spicy sour-cream-and-onion Pringles that made other chip flavors boring. The one thing Croatia seems to be missing is a chewy chocolate chip cookie. I’ve been craving one all month since I noticed they were unavailable… Maybe Romania will be better on that score.

The best Pringles, tasty wafer cookies, all sorts of (mostly eaten) ajvar, peanut crunchiness.

Dubrovnik has a pretty slow place. Once we saw the Old Town and did some hiking, there isn’t much to do except relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Here are a few of the miscellaneous photos that didn’t really fit elsewhere:

Port mural, Marin Drzic, tiny fried fishies. 
Dubrovnik’s Cathedral altar, rosaries left by the prayerful, and a recreation of the vision at Lourdes.
Another beautiful courtyard, map of the 1991-92 bombing, wallflower anchor.

We did also discover a local hotel with a multi-story underground bar. The name is unoriginal but the setting is pretty spectacular. The lowest level had a glass-floored room built over the underwater part of the cave and it lead out to the waterfront seats. I had a really tasty raisin dessert wine that was necessary to get my mind off of the ceiling cracks.

Cave Bar More. They aren’t lying about the cave part.

I hope we can return someday to see more of the islands and because it seems like the peanut snacks are a fairly local specialty, and I definitely need more of those.